Train your Brain, Train your Heart

Our goal is to promote coping skills and teach behavior techniques for expressing the negative emotion of anger.



  1. Increase your ability to manage emotions (self-regulating)

  2. Establish abilities to resolve conflict and communicate respectfully and professionally

  3. Increased verbalization and written skills and practicing positive techniques

  4. Teach and practice self-regulating skills (breathing techniques, reframing and rethinking, forgiveness)

  5. Increase coping skills (ability to communicate and function more effectively in personal relationships, school, and work environments)


In this hybrid setting we teach the prevention of anger arising and becoming an issue in the home. These 8-week classes are open to the general public with group session and one-on-one sessions. Visitors will be provided an Anger Management workbook to complete and have engaging conversations in group settings. Meals and Childcare will be provided for these services.


Program Summary

This program is focused around the skills needed to establish a closer bond with your children, have a healthier home life, and create evironments that are peaceful when things just don't seem to go right.