Sustain Your

Family's Growth

Our goal is to provide in-home, post-reunification coaching for families who have been reunified and are working toward ongoing stability.



  1. Increase the ability to solve problems, set goals, and make family decisions 
  2. Learn how to effectively to resolve conflict and communicate respectfully and professionally
  3. Manage emotions more positively
  4. Understand of the importance of proper nutrition, physical fitness, and personal hygiene
  5. Increase your ability to budget finances, improve job-seeking skills, and keep employment
  6. Reduce the number of children returning to foster care by proper training and sustained family health practices


This in-home service will last 6 months to 1 year and will teach you how to continue the practices you have learned in other programs, sustain an overall healthy family, and set your family up to succeed together for the long-term. 


Program Summary

This program is focused on building necessary skills for the continuation of success after the reunification process.