We only ask that Mentors commit at least one hour a week to their Mentee, even if you are only available by phone.

In a practical way, the Mentor is the face and voice of hope when parents in crisis are overwhelmed by the devastating loss of their children. Parents understand that if they do not 'clean up' their lives or their living situations, they may lose their children permanently, in many cases never seeing them again. Can you imagine the fear and heartbreak such parents and children experience?

Frightened, depressed, and overwhelmed, most of these parents are desperate for help. Finding hope through a mature Christian mentor, as we have seen, can make all the difference! Mentors are like life-coaches; they know that life has 'bumps,' but that there is a God who can heal broken hearts and restore lives.

Having a mentor greatly improves a mentee's success rate; however, God has shown us this is also an eternal question. Most of our parents are not currently attending a church. Most are filled with shame, bitterness, unforgiveness, and anger because of what has happened in their own past and because of what, through their own poor choices, has occurred to their children. Their souls are not ready for heaven.' In order to succeed, these parents (through the help of God and others) need to experience deep healing and transformation. But even those who aren't able to reunify with their children should be given an opportunity to see God through the hearts of those who love Him, so that when they are ready, they can cry out to the only one who can save them.


What to Expect

"Helping someone change the way they think is a major step toward wholeness and ability to hear and see God."


Mentors can change the lives of those they mentor.  

Mentors help others develop healthy and safe behaviors.

Mentors improve social and behavioral outcomes, sometimes indirectly.

Mentors build relationships, not tear them down. 

Mentors are a heart with EARS.

Mentor Impact

"My mentor has been a great gift to me, helping me with my case plan for DFCS. She has become a great friend and a light in my life..."

"Wonderful wonderful people! I can't say enough good things about these people and the work they do to help families in the community!"