Succeed at Home & in the Workplace

Our goal is facilitate the ability of participants to function more effectively in their personal life and work life.




  1. Establish the abilities to solve problems, set goals, and make decisions 
  2. Increase your ability to resolve conflict and communicate respectfully and professionally·     
  3. Understand the importance of proper nutrition, physical fitness, and personal hygiene
  4. Learn how to budget finances
  5. Improve your job-seeking skills




In this 6 month hybrid setting, we teach the necessary skills to succeed in your job and life settings. The life classes are focused around family, social life, and work (spiritual, health, mental, physical, and emotional) health.  The work classes are focused on health, hygiene, nutrition, problem-solving, decision-making, and self-management. The job portion of classes will focus on resume writing, interview skills, and how to be a professional in the workplace. 

Program Summary

This program is focused on building skills to help you achieve ultimate success in your life, work, and any setting you are put in.