Defining Your Legacy

Increase success in growing, loving and building your family.


Types of Counseling 


  1. Teen and Young Adult 
  2. Recovery from Trauma or Loss   
  3. Re-unification Guidance
  4. Behavior and Habits
  5. Abuse or Neglect
  6. Emotional Support (Relationships)
  7. COVID-19 Impact  
  8. General Wellness




In our comfortable counseling sessions, we listen and teach the necessary skills to succeed in facing new challenges that life throws at you. The counseling session is focused on the exact need of the individual and what they seek for their mental health.  Compassion House provides clients with tools to effectively manage their every day lives, emotions and circumstances. We transform mindsets and give people Hope in their everyday lives.


Program Summary

This program is focused on building coping and management skills to help you achieve ultimate success in your life, work, family and any setting you are put in.