See Your Child in the Years it Matters Most

Our goal is to provide a safe environment where foster children/teens and their biological families can preserve and strengthen their bond during the reunification process.


  1. Increase the number of visitation hours available to parents and children
  2. Boost the level of trust between children/teens and their biological families
  3. Coach parents throughout the visitation term
  4. Reduce the length of time children & teens are in the foster care system
  5. Decrease the emotional pain & trauma of extended separation
  6. Expand parental confidence in interacting with their children



Transportation services will be provided for this service. There are also snacks for children and families that are unable to bring their own as well as a new playground for outside visits. 


Building Stronger Bonds

"They offer a safe and comfortable space for Foster parents and family to have monitored visitation... The staff members are very understanding and kind."

Program Summary

This program is focused around the Reunification of children with their biological families to build closer and stronger bonds for family life together.